About this report


Growthpoint first issued an integrated annual report (IAR) in FY10. The reports in subsequent years, as well as the current year, have evolved and been refined to reflect developments in integrated reporting, particularly those advocated by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), the most significant being the International Integrated Reporting Framework.

  • Strategy
  • Governance
  • Stakeholder responsiveness
  • Performance
  • Prospects

Growthpoint has a combined assurance model to enable its Audit Committee to express the view that it is satisfied that suitable assurance has been obtained for all material statements made in the IAR.

     The following lines of assurance have been identified:

First line of assurance
Line functions that own and manage risk and opportunity.
Second line of assurance
Specialist functions that facilitate and oversee risk and opportunity.
Third line of assurance
Internal assurance providers that provide objective assurance.
Fourth line of assurance
External assurance providers.
Fifth line of assurance
Board committees and Board.

While the IAR is not audited, it contains information from the annual financial statements (AFS), on which an unmodified audit opinion has been expressed. Where information has not been derived from the AFS, the Audit Committee has obtained assurance with regard thereto by reviewing information from first line providers of assurance that has been checked by second and third line assurance providers, and by interacting with persons acting in an ex officio capacity who attended the special Audit Committee meeting convened to discuss the IAR.


The Audit Committee and management acknowledge their responsibility to ensure the integrity of this report. The Audit Committee has applied its mind to the report and believes that it addresses all material issues and presents fairly the integrated performance of the organisation.

This report was approved by the Audit Committee on 6 October 2020 and is signed on its behalf by:

R Gasant
Chairman of the Audit Committee

LN Sasse
Group Chief Executive Officer


The Growthpoint code of ethics has been approved by the Board of Directors (the Board) and is binding on every employee, officer, director, contractor and supplier and on all officers and directors of any entity which is owned or controlled by Growthpoint.

The core values articulated in this code provide a firm and unshakeable foundation on which our organisational culture is built. Nonetheless, the code is a dynamic document which is constantly evolving as we strive for even higher standards. We at Growthpoint are committed to upholding and enforcing the standards articulated in this code and we will reconsider our dealings with individuals or entities not demonstrating the same level of commitment to organisational integrity.

Every employee, director and officer of Growthpoint accepts that any breach of the code of ethics exposes them to the possibility of disciplinary action, which could result in the termination of employment or office on the basis set out in the disciplinary codes. These procedures are available upon request.

Forward looking statements

The IAR contains certain statements that are forward looking. By their very nature, such statements cannot be considered guarantees of future outcomes as they are dependent on events and circumstances, the predictability of which is uncertain and not necessarily within the organisation’s control.